Crimes against Nature are Crimes against Peace and Humanity.
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Petition to the European Parliament to recognise ecocide as a crime and
urge the UN to establish an International Criminal Court of the Enviroment and Health.
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Fracking Rosia Montana Overfishing Chernobyl Mud flood in Ajka / Kolontar Open Pit mining in Hambach Hydroplants in the Balcans Deforestation in Europe Bee Colony Collapse Disorder Niger Delta Oil Spill

Fracking pollutes ground water, soil and air and threatens human health for the sake of profit and fossil fuel extraction which when burned even aggravate climate change. Is this fair?

The pollution and destruction of our environment, as well as the depletion of natural resources are progressing fast and without restraint. Extensive damage or destruction of ecosystems is called ecocide.

All life on earth, our peaceful co-existence and our own well-being depends on intact ecosystems. Nature provides the necessary resources and our natural environment. We should value and protect this generous gift.

That’s why we request that crimes against nature be recognised as crime. We request direct liability for decision-makers in politics and business, as well as companies responsible for ecocide.

You can help to make that happen!

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