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As the initiative is growing, we are also growing our team. We are looking for you to join us!

Be it as member of the European team or as coordinator for your country/region, as organiser of the End Ecocide day or as translator. We need you!

Check out our open calls for

If you don’t have that much time, but still would like to volunteer, check out our working groups, join us as translator or volunteer for your local or regional team.

If you are interested in one of the coordinator roles or to become a geographic coordinator, please fill out this questionnaire.

If you would like to join one of our working groups as volunteer or would like to help us with translations, please fill out this questionnaire.

Feel free to send your CV to Lucia in addition to this and specify what role you’re interested in.

As we are a citizens’ initiative, all these roles are unpaid and on volunteer-basis only.

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8 comments on “Join our team
  1. Michael Hayes says:

    I have sent a copy of my CV to Lucy.

  2. Noa Ericson says:

    Use the Avaaz campaigning platform. This “causes” thing will not deliver enough signers. Avaaz gets has 24 million members for god sake!

    A mystery why it was not done in the first place. +if it gets going then they will help with pr and expertise.

    The way causes it built up and working just irritates. With massive spam mails and so on…
    Avaaz has a very good and smart set up..

  3. It`s great to see that many people want to stop Ecocide in Europe- aber vor lauter Global darf man auch auf -lokal nicht vergessen; Ending Ecocide beginnt bei mir und dir!!

  4. naomi says:

    happen to agree with noa ericson’s statement. your issue is too big not to get buy in from avaaz members.

  5. johan says:

    I agree with above. And I failed the sign in because I don’t want to leave my ID-number due to NSA and other gangsters on the internet.

  6. jenni says:

    agreeing with the above – why not use avaaz?

  7. eitzenbe says:

    Avaaz wouldnt support us in the first hand but would oly jump on the bandwaggon and they dont want to support signing via the official EU servers….. So we wont go the avaaz way. First we will try to get 1 million signature via the ECI. If this fails we can always retry via Avaaz…..

  8. jennifer harris says:

    To Noa, Naomi and Jenni above,
    From what I understand, an Avaaz “signature” would not be an official signature/vote recognized by the EU.
    Avaaz has apparently already circulated information about this ECI initiative once, but I don’t think HOW TO VOTE was clearly explained, so people think they HAVE voted by clicking on the Avaaz article!

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