End Ecocide in Europe Newsletter #3

February was a busy month for End Ecocide in Europe with lots of conferences and media presence. But even more than that, it was also a month where we secured the support of several supporters.

A big thanks goes to Tomás for making an amazing animation outlining the main idea of ecocide. Watch it here!

Haven’t signed yet? Don’t wait but sign today!

Thanks so much for all your support so far. As citizens’ initiative we need YOU to reach our goal of a million votes. You all have friends and family, know organisations and companies who might be interested in ending ecocide.

We provide the platform, all you need to do is signing, but we need YOU to spread the word about this and put us in contact with interested stakeholders!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@endecocide.eu.

Webinar on speaking about ecocide

Do you want to learn more about ecocide and how to speak about ecocide? Polly Higgins, the international lawyer who proposed ecocide to become a crime, will give an online webinar on April 9th 6.00-8.00 pm CET. If you want to participate, please open this link on that day and send an e-mail to Ramón (ramon@endecocide.eu) to sign up.

Now enjoy reading about our events!

Launch event in the Austrian Parliament

Right after the official launch of our ECI in Brussels, we organised an event at the Austrian Parliament where Julika and Thomas presented End Ecocide in Europe to the environmental speakers of almost all political parties.

Clean World Conference 2013

The first weekend of February, our team member Kadri Kalle, who is also in charge of the campaign in Estonia, participated in the international conference "Clean World 2013", organised by Let's Do it! world cleanup campaign. The conference brought together over 100 people from all over the world, with the common wish to fight for a cleaner planet. Since non-proper waste management and legislation are often two sides of the same issue, it's important that we join our forces. Kadri spread the word about our Initiative and additionally got the official support of Rainer Nõlvak, the founder and chief motivator of the Let's Do it! movement.

HULT Business School

On February 12th, the Changemakers group at HULT Business School in London organised an event to raise awareness about ecocide where Prisca, the director of the initiative, presented End

Ecocide in Europe. She spoke after Polly Higgins who introduced the idea to make ecocide the fifth crime against peace. Approximately 80 participants attended, the majority of them students, but also the general public. Rebecca Churchill, the Executive Director of HULT London, signed publicly. Big THANKS to the Changemakers for making this happen!


Anti-fracking event in Czech Republic

On 7th of March, a group of anti-fracking organisations from around the world came together in Beroun, Czech Republic to found a global network against fracking. Amongst them Thomas who networked a lot and introduced the concept of Ecocide, exploring opportunities how we could join forces to make our planet a better place.

Youth Encountering Environmental Human Rights

Kadri and Ramon represented End Ecocide in Europe at the study session “Youth Encountering Environmental Human Rights” in Budapest. This session was organised by the Council of Europe and International Young Naturefriends. Young people’s interest in Ending Ecocide in Europe was huge.

Media presence

France was the first country to give broader coverage to our ECI in the press, the blogosphere and the radios with 45 publications up to now. The main articles and the radios shows can be consulted on our french News page

The radio show 3D Le Journal at the France Inter station in which Valérie, our spokesperson, took part was the starting point of this great coverage.

Also a Swiss radio station interviewed Valérie on the topic “Does the Earth have rights?” Listen here to the emission of the show called Prise de Terre by Radio Télévision Suisse in French language.

Many French volunteers are engaged now in the campaign and they are currently forming regional committees to organize events at a local level. Michel is their national coordinator (michel@endecocide.eu).
Another country where we achieved national media coverage is Estonia. Kadri gave an interview in a TV morning programme, and talked on several radio stations. The team is starting to take shape and form plans.

Signing the ECI

And finally some words about signing the ECI and problems that have been reported to our team.

We have heard about some people who thought they had voted but haven't. Please make sure that when you vote you go through all the steps. Click on "sign now" which will lead you to the European Commission site. There, click on “support”, enter all your details, copy the captcha and click on “submit”. Afterwards, you should see a screen with your signature ID like this one. Only if you have seen that, your vote was actually recorded.

Thanks for all your support,

Your End Ecocide in Europe Team